Saturday, September 28, 2013

Literacy Centers Part II - Listening Center and More

 Literacy Centers-Part I (Word Work) is here.
The Crab Center is a combination of different activities/centers focusing on letter sounds. The students listen to a story, complete a center game using a recording sheet, and write the room.
 Here is the visual:

I have been making and collecting listening centers for years. When I taught first grade I recorded a book and then several file folder games that we played together as they listened to my voice on the cassette tape. I try to use my listening center as another small group lesson. 

For the next several weeks, the students will listen to a story about individual alphabet letters and sounds. I have no idea where these stories and sheets came from-there are songs, a story and then some skills work. I converted them from cassettes to CDs. You could easily make your own by using a worksheet and making it interactive by talking to them as they complete it. I slip them in these pockets and they use a dry erase marker as they listen to the directions.

After the students listen to the story they complete the "game" using a recording sheet. They practice a phonics skill.

This center is easily differentiated because I include 5 (or more) different phonics skills in all my units. They are designed to practice in this progression: alphabet letter recognition practice, then games for those students who are ready move on to beginning letter sounds, ending sounds, then short vowels and finally long vowels. I do have some units that have a game for blends that can be used also. I usually have 2-3 different games at this center. They are each placed in a different pocket and I list the student names on a piece of paper that is slipped inside so the students know which game they are supposed to play. All of my units can be found at TpT.

The last activity at this center is Write the Room. It is a favorite! They use the clipboards and find the picture/word cards for the sound or vowel pattern we are studying that week. Then they write the word beside the number that matches the card. There are 8 cards clipped to the write the room background cards throughout the classroom. I have write the room cards for letters a-z and short vowels at my TpT store.

All of these activities are completed in 30 minutes and the students also attend a small group lesson with me for 15 minutes.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lesson Plans Sept. 30 - Oct. 4

This week the theme for the books from the Journeys reading series is "Helping". We are going on a field trip to a farm this week, so these books are a perfect match to use with a farm theme! The Little Red Hen will be a great book to illustrate farming and The Handiest Things in the World will discuss how everyone can help. The week will be complete with many books about farm life and pumpkins! You can find the units here or here.

This opinion writing activity can be found here.
I have a Farm themed literacy unit with literacy centers here.
We will read books about pumpkins because the farm includes a pumpkin patch. 
As a class we will use shared writing to create a language experience/predictable chart about "What I want to see at the farm." and then "What I did see at the farm".

Hopefully these will arrive from Oriental Trading! The students will complete the sticker scenes and  I will display them with the charts.

 Must-Do Literacy Centers

Writing Workshop. This week I will be letting the students create their final copy independently. 

 Phonics Materials

We will be playing the Grow and Shrink (Kathy Richardson) game for 2 days and the Racing Bears game (Investigations) for 2 days.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lesson Plans Sept. 23-27

We are reading books about Jobs and Community Helpers (Journeys). Here are some of the books and graphic organizers/writing activities we will use as follow-ups. The graphic organizers, writing papers and literacy centers can be found here or here.
The unit for the Miss Bindergarten activities is here.
We will color a map to sequence the places they visited on the field trip and sort pictures in the chart stand.
Some of the must-do centers.
Materials for Phonics 
Writing Workshop
In mathematics, we will focus on the numerals 16-20, count sets 16-20 (learning that 16 is one ten and 6 more), and learning to play Racing Bears (Investigations).

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Printing Tip

The other day I needed to borrow a math game from my mom and as she handed it to me I noticed that she had printed 2 different things on each side of the piece of card stock - one side was the domino parking game board and the other side was a ten frame. What a brilliant idea! 

Purchasing laminating pouches has been a struggle ever since they have not been in stock at my local Sam's Club and I had to order them online. Now I am very picky about what I laminate.

In the future whenever I need to print a game or learning material, either class or small group sets, I plan to print something different on each side. Here is a picture of something I printed and 
laminated this weekend. 

I think this works best with card stock or even construction paper for printing. Thicker paper will make it less likely for the backside printing to show through.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Literacy Centers Part I - Word Work

During the time my students are working at literacy centers, I am working with students in small groups. I have 3 small groups and I see every student in a small group every day. The students spend 30 minutes at centers and 15 minutes in small group. Last school year, I used the Daily 5 centers at the end of the year and my students enjoyed all the choices and I enjoyed how easy they were to organize and maintain. However, there was not much accountability and they seemed to need something more to do. So this year I decided to combine the game/recording centers with a Daily 5 center.

This post will be the first post of five that I plan to write explaining how I organize the centers in my classroom. I have 5 centers - fish, octopus, crab, jellyfish and sea turtle. The fish center is where students work with the popcorn words, so I call it the Word Work Center.

Every center begins with a must-do. 

After the student completes the must-do, they rotate to the next center (activity). 
Here is the visual I created for the students:
 The students rotate to the next center on their own after they finish the must-do. This allows them  enough time to produce quality work. For some students it may take 10 minutes, and other students may spend 15 minutes on the must-do. If I rotated centers every 15 minutes, the early finisher would not have anything to do for 5 minutes (of 15 minutes) and the student who needs to spend a little more time completing the assignment would not get finished (and might become upset). I call the students over to the teacher table from their centers, so I am not a center. This makes it easier to assign students in flexible small groups.

I created all the must-do activities and they are found at TpT.
The must-do activities are all differentiated. For the word work center, they move from writing the word, to unscrambling the word, then choosing the correct word to complete the sentence. There are also 2 different kinds of recording sheets-they write the word once or three times. 

After they complete the must-do, they move to the can-do center which offers word work choices.
Here is the visual that is posted above the organizer.

I have organized all the materials in the drawers and they are labeled. I cut the back tabs off the drawers so they can completely remove the drawers and take them to the table/floor/oil drip pan.

Here are some of the activities:
I found this idea on Pinterest from this blog. They make a "snake" with the play-doh and then stick wooden sticks in it to spell the popcorn words.
Rainbow write the words
Stamp the words
 Spell the words with magnets
Use a 12X18 piece of manila paper and fold it into fourths, then write the words really large and use dot paint to cover the letters with dots.

I made 4 sets of popcorn words and will add words to the word banks as they are introduced each week. If you need popcorn words, they are here (free). For the small size I printed them 4 to a page and on different colors of construction paper so they can be sorted easily.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lesson Plans for Sept. 16-20

 This week we will be reading books about pets. You can find the units here
or here. I will read the books and the students will answer questions. We will create charts and graphic organizers and they will complete writing assignments.
The unit that has materials to use with Julius is here.
The Pet Show activity is a freebie and can be found here.

Some Literacy Centers

Here are the materials I will use for the phonics lessons:

During Writing Workshop, we will use the writing process to write about the color blue. You can find the unit here and the books here.

In Mathematics, we will focus on the numerals 11-15 and work with the double ten frame and the "Fifteen Frame" from Investigations. We will also play the "Grow and Shrink" game from Kathy Richardson's Developing Number Concepts book.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Families Craftivity-Freebie

I found 2 different versions of this house glyph on Pinterest (Mrs. Morrow and Larremore Teacher Tips) and decided it would be perfect to use this week with our unit about Families. Here is my version and you can get the pattern and glyph key here.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lesson Plans-Sept. 9-13

Here are some of my plans for next week!
Our books for Whole Group Reading are about school. We will read the books, answer questions, make some charts and follow-up with a graphic organizer or writing.
These activities and literacy centers can be found here or here.

Some of the literacy centers.

Writer's Workshop
We will begin learning about the writing process.
This unit can be found here.  The book can be found here.


We will learn about the numeral 10 and then practice identifying and making sets for the numerals 0-10.
We will use these to make 8 sets of any number shown on the document camera.

Grab and Count Game-individually or with a partner

Quick Images
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