Friday, December 13, 2013

Holiday Necklace Craft-Free

My students will make these necklaces the morning of our party.

It is easy to assemble. Use the light bulb pattern and make several copies using different colors of copy paper. The students will cut the bulb shape out and write the letters of their names or just their initials - one letter on each bulb. You will help them fold the top section over and then glue it down after it is looped around the yarn.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

This Week and Next Week

Better late than never, right?  This week we are reading about animals. Our Journeys books are A Zebra's World and What Do You Do With a Tail Like That? and I added Animal Babies in Grasslands. The links for these units are here and here.

 Next week we will be reading Gingerbread books! This unit can be found here.

We are continuing our measurement unit in math. 
This is a great lesson to use for measuring with units. For the CCSS we only need to compare items to determine longer/shorter, but using sticks and cubes to measure strips of tape allows them to practice counting and comparing numbers. Each table has three strips of tape labeled with A, B, C. The students estimate how many cubes and sticks they need to measure the tape, then measure and  record the correct answer. Mom found this activity "somewhere online", so if it is your activity, please let me know so I can provide the link.

We did this activity today. The students took turns choosing an item from the "goody bag", comparing the item to the green pencil, and then deciding if it was longer or shorter. They really liked this activity!

These are some of the books we are reading during the unit. I made the worksheet pictured. The students had decide if the item pictured was shorter or taller than they are.

 After listening to Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the students will estimate how many cubes will fit in each of the three containers, then fill and record the correct amount.
The link for this activity is here.

 And for some holiday cheer....our tree!
Perfect size and perfect price-$10 from Walgreens!
Have a great week!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

TpT Cyber Sale

I will be participating in the TpT Cyber Sale on Monday and Tuesday! 
I hope you have fun shopping. I have already moved my wish list to my cart!

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